Sunday, February 1, 2009

SMS Service - please join!

Assalamualikum All,

In order to communicate any information pertaining to class, Mr. Arain has chosen to make use of a service that goes by the name ‘Chopaal’… It’s a free group SMS service with the simple aim of creating virtual forums over cellphones. What ever messages need to be circulated for class will be done through here, in addition to the blog… So kindly make an account with them.
Your can either signup through their website or through sms (follow the instructions you’ll get once you are invited; you’ll be getting the invitations shortly).
If signing up through the website, the above link will take you there and will guide you as to what needs to be done. Once you have made an account kindly join the tag ‘MIS-4’… all messages will be sent to this tag so whoever is not registered by Wednesday might miss out on something important…

For further details as to how to use the service please check out the following link

Also please note that everyone needs to register before the next MIS class, i.e. before Wednesday 4th February. Please make sure that the deadline is adhered to…

If any of you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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  2. To provide an honest opinion, I would recommend that chopaal NOT be used for messaging everyone. I have been on chopaal myself for almost a year now, and the service has been quite ordinary. At times, the messages get delayed by several hours or are not delivered at all. This would create utter confusion among the students as some of whom might know about the announcement while the others remain uninformed. Therefore, for the greater benefit of everyone, it is recommended that chopaal not be used while its still inefficient in providing timely services.

  3. i agree with Hassaan that chopaal is not a good idea. i had registered with their service and i started getting spam smses. so then i unregistered.

    Hassaan's point about the delays is very pertinent- messages coming at odd times and especially when they are delayed, will only hamper the progress of the class, and create confusion

  4. Guys, this is really something interesting especially for internet-maniacs. i wish sir could allow us to post articles and news.

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    “Commission officials said the plan will enable users to transmit data at an average speed of 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) through a fixed line, more than 10 times faster than now.”

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  5. chopaal,i believe,is quite complicated and confusing for the entire class.i am still quite unclear about chopaal's MAIN purpose..because recieving spam smses..and delayed messages is a real turn off.

  6. if i may...

    i'm part of the chOpaal team and it's heartening to see chOpaal being put to a constructive use! as for the issues such as late/no message delivery, they've all been fixed and done away with. we've upgraded our gateway and as long as your group has less than 500 or so members, your messages will be delivered instantly. as for spam... i don't know which messages people are referring to. if you're getting useless messages from someone on a tag, leave that tag. people not in your tags can't even send you private messages. so we've done away with the spam problem completely.

    send all feedback and queries to