Monday, March 9, 2009

First Term Vital Statistics

Overall average (i.e. of both sections put to gether) is 79.6 percent whereas section one performed better with 82.8 percent and section three averaged 76.5 percent.

Shoaib Ahmed Zaki of section three is the highest scorer in both sections with 93.6 percent score where as Anam Manzar is highest in section one by scoring 93.2 percent.

Here are the percentile results:

Percentile              Score

83                                 13.4

70                                 13.0

60                                12.51

54                                12.42

50                                12.26

31                                 11.51

Each one of you can look at his/her own score wihtout anyaccounting for any makeup to find out his/her percentile rank. Lets say if you have scored 12.6, your fall in under 60th percentile because it is more than 12.51 but less than 13 to qualifiy for 70th percentile. It would be interpreted as atleast there were 60 percent test takers (i.e. both sections inculded) who score less than you! or alternately you may interpret it as: you are among the top 40 percent of the those who took this test. It can be a great tool  to help you understand your ranking in the course.

Now few other interpretations that comes handy when we look at this percentile data. Section one's averge is 12.42 which is equivalent to 54th percentile meaning 54 percent of the entire test takers scored less than this average. Section three on the other hand has an average of 11.48 close to 31st percentile meaning only 31 percent scored belower than this!.

So it means section 3 has performed slower than the section one. This may be due to the fact that  four people could only attain grade F! 

Anybody who has scored less than 10.65 occupies bottom 20 percent of the pool! and anybody scoring less than 10 is in the last 10 percent of the test takers.

67 percent of section one has scored more than 80 percent whereas 43 percent of section three has scored more than 80 percent.

Finally read your scores with 4 percent makeup points! This will help us reduce the 'fat tail' of section three and for section one it will be time for bonus.

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