Sunday, March 22, 2009

Syllabus for 2nd Term Exam

Prepare for Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of your text as well as the IS Audit in line with the guest speaker lecture. 

You can download the guest speaker presentation on IT Risk Management from:

In addition wikipedia has a very usefull article on IS Audits: 

Don't forget to take a look at different certifications in the field provided at the end of the article like CISA, CIA, CAP, CISM....


  1. sir can u please send the guest speaker session presentation to our cr.

  2. sir please try mailing it before the 30th of march (i.e our mis exam day) so that we can prepare for the paper.

    SIR PLEASE TRY MAILING IT BEFORE THE 30TH OF MARCH (i.e our mis exam day) do that we can prepare for the paper.

  3. hopefully your concerns have been addressed now.

  4. I uploaded my notes for the guestspeaker session the following day. Made an error uploading a link. Accidentally did it on my own blog. New at this - sorry. Please consider marking my attendance.


  6. sir u didn't give us any feedback on our blogs..

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