Monday, January 12, 2009

For the next class on Wednessday 14th Jan 2009.

1 Explore and answer short case questions in students file

2 Hands-on MIS (section)

Understanding Information System Requirements. Read the problem set and try answering the questions in your folder

3 Reading my blog and adding your comments 

4 Preparing for first quiz Reading 1.1 and 1.2

5 Preparing Case : Morgan Stanley’s Return on System Noninvestement

Your folders may be checked for handwritten notes

6 Read the summary at the end of your text and answer briefly the review questions 

7 Group Tasks

G1: Improving Decision making: using databases to analyze sales trends

G2: Using Internet Software to Budget for shipping costs

Power point presentation mailed to me latest by Tuesday 4:00PM

By each group. NO MORE THAN FIVE MINS. Will be given to explain the answers to the class.
Class needs to come prepared by reading the problem set.


  1. The workload is relatively high. Please consider that we have five other equally demanding- if not more so- courses to work for.


  2. I really appreciate the fact that the home assignment is uploaded on the site. Its very convenient.

    I agree with Wali- the workload is alot. If the assignments could be decreased that would be really helpful.

  3. Sir, I don't think giving us seven assignments is a constructive way to assist us in learning MIS. It merely leads to an overwhelming information overload.

  4. This is apropos to my fellow students' comments. I think we should quit complaining about all the homework and accept the challenge. We don't always get to choose what to do and what not to, similar the case here. This is the work and it has to be done. And we've only moved a little ahead from the beginning, a lot is left and it'll be a lot harder! Good luck :)

  5. I really don't think giving 7 assignments each session would be a great idea. I think emphasis should be on "Quality" and not on "Quantity"

  6. Sir, the posting of the assignments on the blog is convenient for us. thanks a lot!

  7. It would be really helpful if the chapter is completely covered before handing down assignments and case studies requiring thorough understanding!

  8. Mercy Sir!! Mercy!!
    We poor students are not capable of handling such torment...
    Nevertheless, we will work hard, keeping in mind that:
    The night is the darkest before the dawn. :-)

    This comment is added because it was one of the 7 assignments.

  9. the assignments are veryy long and too much. pleazzze reduce the workload.

  10. First:
    All homeworks were related to article 1.1 and 1.2. None outside the scope.

    onwards Id calculate the time required to do these homeworks and give them to you as tips to benchmark yourself and figure out if I am wrong.